Keeping the Faith

I just wanted to pull you off into
Security and give you a cavity search.

Now that would have been impulsive.
Yeah, well,
this is pretty impulsive for me.

- Believe me.
- But good, though, right?

Yeah, good, just, I mean, could get
a little complicated. You know?

Well, what would people at work think
if they knew you were sleeping
with a rabbi?

Could be a scandal.
- Listen.
- Yeah.

You know what my life is like.
- I'm only here for a little while.
- Yes.

And I'm fine just hanging out
having a great time with you.

But sometimes I wanna jump you too.
What can I say?

Is that okay?
Yeah, it's okay.
It's more than okay.

Think we should say anything
to Brian?

I-I think it might be
a little weird for him.

You don't think he'd understand?
No, I just--
I don't know.

I think we should
just keep it simple.

I'm for simple.
I have something simple
that I'd like to discuss with you.

Do you wanna know
If everythin' glitterin'
Will turn into the gold
I see in your hair
Feel it could be there
And do you wanna fight