Keeping the Faith

- Lentzes.
- Lentzes.
- Hi.

- And all of these people
are all members of the congregation.
- Got it.

- I don't think I got your last name.
- Reilly.

- Um--
- Reilly?

We, Anna and I and Father Brian,
as children, used to play.

- Isn't that nice?
- What movie are you seeing, Rabbi?

- We're gonna--
We're gonna see the I MAX--
- Andy Garcia.

- He's in that, right?
- No, I don't think so.

- Well, maybe we should go.
- We're going to the same one. Let's go.

I thought he was in that.

Where are the paper towels?
There are no paper towels.
Jesus Christ, lam in a crisis here!
I need some help!

I need someone that can look
around the house...

and when there are no paper towels,
they go to the god dam store and buy
some paper towels!

I mean, how many god dam stores do you
pass on the way home from school...

- that are filled with paper towels?
- You okay?

- Yeah.
- I need someone to use
a little common sense around here!

Why don't you get somebody else?
- Okay, what?
- If we were actually going out, I'd be
very pissed off at you right now.

Yes, well, if we were actually
going out, I'd say that...

that was a very scary situation for me,
and you just made it worse.

Well, then I would say that is no excuse
for what just went on in there.

Well, I'd say, "I'm sorry.
Too bad. That's the way it is,
and you have to deal with it."

- Well, then I would say that you--
that was absolutely--
- What? What would you say? What?

Come on. Bring it!
Bring the pain!

Say it. Say it all.
- You wanna--
- I guess it's a good thing
we're not going out, then.

- Thank God.
- Thank God.

- I wasn't really mad. Were you?
- No, but you're still
gonna get a spanking.

- You're in such good shape. I mean--
- Are you all right?