Keeping the Faith

Oh, yeah.
Oh, God. Oh, God.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You gotta stretch.

- I can't-- No.
- You gotta stretch, or you're
gonna tighten up. I'm telling you.

- Ow!
- Does that hurt?

- No, it feels good.
- Okay.

Harder. Harder.
Okay. That's enough.
You're such a wimp.
Hi, this is Anna. Only three people
have this number, so if you're not
one of them, leave me alone.

Hey, it's me.
Are you there?

Hello? Pick up the phone.
Probably still at work.
It's not that important.

I was just thinking about you.
Thought maybe we could do dinner
this week, you know, just you and me?

This is Brian, by the way,
in case you were wondering.

You know where to find me.
Call me, okay? Bye.
- What?
- I gotta go now. I gotta go.

What? No, no, no. Can't--
Just give me 20 minutes. Come on.

- Twenty minutes?
- Okay.

- I'm late. This is
becoming a bad habit.
- Fifteen minutes.

- I have--
- Well, 141/2 minutes. Please?

- I have to go back to the mines.
- We all have to go back to the mines.

- Don't you have work to do?
- I do.

We're doing a hostile takeover
of Congregation Bertov Sholem.

- Okay.
- And--
- You do that.