Keeping the Faith

Hey, listen. The contractor
wants to do a walk-through on--
on Tuesday next week.

- Can you do that?
- Mm, Tuesday.

We have to, like, "punch up"
or "punch out" or something.

I didn't understand the terms.
I just-- I just said okay.

No, Tuesday's not good for me.
I gotta mourn with the Schwartzes.

Oh. Hmm. What about Thursday night?
I think they can do Thursday night.

- What you got?
- Uh-- I-- I just--
I can't do that. I got a thing.

Well, can you cancel it?
'Cause we're, like, getting
really behind schedule here.

- They're-- They're gettin'
very irritable, and the--
- No. It's just this--

It's just this thing. Anna wants me
to take her to this office party deal.

- I don't know what it is.
- Really?

Is it like-- like, uh, something--
big thing or something?

- No. No, no, no. Just she needs
someone to, you know go with her.
- Oh.

Yeah, no, 'cause she-- I mean, she--
she didn't even mention that to me,
so I was--

Nah, it's not a--
It's a-- Whatever.

Jesse is a friend
And he's always been
a good friend of mine

But lately something changed
that ain't hard to define

Jesse's got himself a girl
and I want to make her mine

And she's watching him
with those eyes

And she's loving him with that body
of hers, I just know it

You know that I want Jesse's girl
-Jesse's girl
- How you guys doing? I'm Don.

- Don?
- Don. Rhyme with flan.

- Hey. Brian.
- Flan?
- Yes. You have any question?

Yes, yes, indeed, Don, we do.
Um, is this-- is this a good machine?

Yeah, it's good,
if you're a cheap bastard.

No, just--
Just doing comedy with you.

That one is okay, but if you
really serious about karaoke--

- Oh, we are.
- Okay.

Then there only one model for you.
The Audio 2000.
This baby got the 16-bit
dual D.A. converter...

three-beam tracking,
digital key controller...

so you can change the pitch if your
voice sucks, but I don't need that.

- That's nice. How much?
- Price is not important.

- No, price is very important, actually.
- Okay.