Keeping the Faith

Mom, he never called in fat.
Come on. Give the guy a break.

He looks so good these days.
You should see him.

He's been working out with a trainer.
Jackie's got him on this-- this regimen.

I mean, he looks very trim and slim.
He looks good.

He's looking very trim
because she don't know how to cook.

She's a good cook. You might find that
out if you ever tried some of her food.

I don't wanna talk
about this any more. Get it?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- What were we talking about?
- The meal was so good.

This was so good.
Thank you.

- Hear! Hear! As always.
- All right. Yep.

Somebody's gotta feed
all these skinny people in the world.

Okay, now you guys get the dishes,
and the ladies will talk.

Jake, put on some water for tea,
will you?

It's like a fairy tale,
these flowers framing you.

That's called a chuppah.
Oh, my God.
You look so beautiful together.

Please. We were so young.
We were kids.

As much grief as I give Jake, I think
you're all doing it the right way.

It takes at least ten years to get
to know yourself well enough
to stop being a total idiot.

It's hard enough without binding
yourself to another total idiot.

Well, what's scary is,
when you spend those ten years...

going after the things
you thought were important...

get those things, and then
feel a sneaking suspicion that you
went after the wrong things...

and that where the important things
are concerned...

you're still a total idiot.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Mm-hmm.

Is my son a good kisser?