Keeping the Faith

- Well, did you at least try to deny it?
- Come on, Jake. She knew!

Oh. No wonder she was crying.
You know,
I was crying too, all right?

We had a very nice talk about it,
to be honest with you.

Yes, she was upset,
but she was not angry.

- Yeah, no, that's the face
she put on for you.
- I don't think so.

I know, okay? All right?
I mean, trust me. You have no idea
the nightmare that I'm in for now.

All right, you know what? This is not
a nightmare, okay? So stop it.

Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
- I am in love with you, Jake.
- Yeah, I love you too.

No, you are
in love with me, you jerk.

You just won't say it because you're
scared of what it involves.

- Yes, I am.
- Yeah, me too.

But I'm dealing with it because I am
overwhelmed by this feeling
that I have for you...

and I want to see
if I can work it out.

- Great. How do I work it out?
- Okay.

Let's just take it from the top.
Don't talk to me about your mother
or your brother or your synagogue.

Just you. What do you need
to work it out?

Those things are me. Do you understand
that? I can't separate them out.

I mean, it might be hard for you
to accept, but the fact that you're
not Jewish is a real problem for me.

I don't think so.
Okay, okay, okay.
A-All I'm saying, Jake...

is I think you should be honest
with yourself.

Because I think if it
was just up to you...

you would stick with this and see
where this relationship is going...

but it's a problem for you because you
assume that all the people in your life
can't deal with that.

- No, they can't.
- Well, give them a little credit, Jake.

- It's the 21st century.
- "The 21st century"?

What the hell does the 21st century
have to do with anything?

This is you and me, right? I thought
we were supposed to be just having
a good time, keep it simple.

- Well, that's my point. I'm having fun.
- I'm having fun too.

This is a lot of fun.
Whoo! Fun!

Well, exactly.
So why throw it away?

Look, maybe you're right, but can't
you see that you're asking me...

to risk losing everything
that's important to me...