Keeping the Faith

I got something for you.
I almost didn't 'cause I was
so mad at you, but this was too good.

Holy shit. That's the Rabbi
Schlomo Schnurson rookie card.

- This is like the last of the series.
- I know. You've been talking about
this card for, like, 15 years.

- It's in such good condition too.
- Yeah, it's mint.

- This is like--
- Mint. I had to get it.

Thank you.
Well, you're welcome.
You know, look. As pissed off
as I was, the weird thing is...

I-I'm very sorry I didn't
get to see you two together, you know?

I think that would have made me
really happy in some weird way.

- So, have you talked to her?
- No, no.

I mean, things are really strange
between us now. I--

What about you? Are you guys talkin'?
Are you workin' this out or anything?

No. No.
But that's kind of offset by the fact
that I'm about to lose my job.

- You serious?
- Uh-huh.

Whew. What a mess.
I'm sorry.

Man, I was really starting to think
I had a few things figured out there.

Yeah, me too.
What happened?
Excuse me if I say that
I don't think I'm the person...

to offer objective advice
on this particular confession.

You don't have to say anything, okay?
Just listen to me.

I just want to say one thing,
and then I will go away.

You're my friend...
and whatever else is going on...
I can't have you out there thinking
that my feelings for you...