Keeping the Faith

are tied in
to my feelings for Jake.

That's not the problem,
and you know it.

I thought you wanted me.
And-- And that affected me.
I don't know. I-I-- Maybe that's
not fair, and I'm reading
all kinds of things wrong...

but it sure felt that way to me.
I don't know what to say.
I, um--
I've just been having
so much fun, and...

I've been feeling
all of these feelings lately...

and not just my feelings
for Jake.

But this...
reconnecting with this part
of myself...

that has been shut down
for a long time.

And if I indulge those feelings
too much with you...

or if I took you for granted,
I am so sorry.

I can't bear that I hurt you.
Ah, it's not your fault.
I totally set myself up for this.
I'll tell you something, it's--
I don't know which feels worse.

Having my heart broken...
or starting to doubt myself
because of what that means for me.

Don't you dare doubt yourself.
You have a gift,
and you know it...

and if you start to doubt that
because of me...

Brian, I don't know
what I would do with myself.

I don't doubt myself
because of you.

I-I feel like the best version
of myself around you...

and that makes me doubt
everything else.

I don't know what to do, Brian.
Just tell me what to do,
and I will do it.