Keeping the Faith

How's your mother, Jake?
She's good. She's, uh--
She's actually here tonight.

Oh. That's wonderful.
So I suppose you have
your speech all prepared.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Good.

Good. Then you'll go out
with a bang, huh?

Since, uh, Yom Kippur...
is kind of like the Super Bowl
of the Jewish calendar...

most rabbis try to cram
a whole year's...

worth of sermons into one
kind of big "best of" sermon.

Um, I'm not gonna do that tonight.
I'm not gonna talk about
the meaning of God...

or the situation in Israel...
or the status of Jews
around the world.

I'm-- I'd like to talk about something
a little more personal.

I'd like to talk about us.
The status of you and me.
A wise man once told me
that no rabbi can save anyone.

He can only offer himself as a guide
to other fearful people.

We live in a really complex world...
a world where boundaries
and definitions are blurring...

and bleeding into each other
in ways that--