Keeping the Faith

that I think challenge us
not just as Jews but as human beings.

And for a while now,
you've let me be your guide.

You've, uh--
You've shared your lives with me.
You've explored your faith with me...
in ways that I know sometimes
have seemed a little strange...

and, and maybe
even a little scary...

but you put your trust in me...
and over the past few months...
I have been violating that trust.
I've been violating it because I haven't
been sharing my life with you.

For a number of months, I've been
seeing a woman who isn't Jewish.

It doesn't matter if I'm still with her,
which I'm not, or if I still love her,
which I do, very much.

What matters is that I shouldn't have
been afraid to discuss it with you.

I'm not sorry for loving her.
I am sorry-- I'm very sorry--
that I put too little faith in you.

Yom Kippur
is the day of atonement.

And so tonight
I stand before you...

and ask you to forgive me.
This could take a while, Jake.
Go home.

I-I'll call you as soon
as the board makes a decision.