Keeping the Faith

Or you could stick around. Okay?
Come on. Come on.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Yes! Oh! Oh!

- God, don't mess with me
like that, you--
- Well, I couldn't--

Oh. Oh. Oh!
It's so fantastic.
A made rabbi.

- How does it feel?
- Feels good.

God. You know, we got
a lot to celebrate tonight...

barring an interfaith rumble
at our opening.

I know. It's definitely
Manischewitz time.

Hey, we got two cases delivered,
by the way.

Oh! Did you, uh,
get the discs from Don?

No, I'm going to. Don't worry,
but, look, not to rain on your parade...

- I just-- I had to go and say goodbye
to Anna 'cause she's leaving tonight...
- Oh.

-which I know you know and don't want to
talk about, but there it is, you know?
- Yeah, I don't. There what is?

Come on! Come on, man.
What are you doing?

What do you want me to do,
flagellate myself?

Jews don't do that.
We-- We plant trees.

Listen, who's talking
about feeling guilty?

I'm-- I'm-- I'm saying,
you know, you're--

I just think you'd want to do
something about it. You're on
such a roll right now. What--

What could possibly
be holding you back at this point?

Y-You do love her, don't you?
Yes, I do. I just--
I just--

I mean, come on.
Sometimes that's not enough, all right?

Not-- What are-- Listen to
what you're saying! "Not enough"?

There-- There's nothing else
that's worth anything against that,
and you know it.

I mean, for years I have listened
to you-- to you talk about...

how much you want something
exactly like this to happen to you...

and-- and when it comes,
you-- you walk away from it
over a few very minor complications.

Now, what--
What kind of a plan is that?
You-- You know how God works.

Well, you think He's just gonna drop
a gift like that in your lap
a second time around...

just 'cause you happen to be
one of His crew, you know?