Keeping the Faith

- Hey, what is that?
- What?

Oh, my God.
Who is that?
- It's Jake.
- What's he doing?

I don't know.
- Anna Reilly.
- Anna?

Anna, it's Jake.
Can you-- Can you-- Can you see me?

'Cause I can't see you. I can-- I'm,
like, looking at a reflection of myself.

Jake, I can see you.
What are you doing?

I've been trying to get up there for
the last hour, but it's like the
friggin' Pentagon with that T-Bone guy!

So I decided to try Mr Casanova here.
By the way, his name is Howard.

Listen. There's some things
that I've been thinking about.
I'd like to talk to you.

-Am I on speakerphone?
- Hi, Jake!

Hi. Hi.
- Go on.
- Well, can I talk to you alone?

- Could I come over there?
- No, I think now would be a good time.

Okay. Um, alright.
Listen, I-I-I've been thinking
about stuff...

an-an-an-an-and I just want you
to know I'm sorry...

and-- and you were right.
- About what?
-About everything.

About--About us, about me.
Especially about me.

I've been acting like an idiot.
- So what are you saying, Jake?
- Yeah, what are you saying, Jake?

I'm saying that I love you.
I'm in love with you.
And I've been waiting my whole life
for someone like you,
and I'm not gonna let you go.

Please, don't go.
Anna, I don't want you to go.
Uh, could we hang up
the phone, maybe?

Hello? What's going on?
Anna? Anna?

- She's gone, buddy!
Move, move, move!
- What? What? Oh--

Stuff like that
never happens to me.

Me neither.