Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse

The Archangel Michael weighs
and judges the deeds of the dead.

The ones who are light
are to be resurrected,

and the heavy ones
are to suffer in hell.

The grape harvest is over,
and yet nobody is in sight.

Why is that?
If you want your wine
to be ranked as vintage,

the yearly production is limited.
That means you can only produce
a certain quota per plot.
Growing up, I didn't hear
much about pickers.

Wine growers have always
protected themselves against them,

for if you let people
pick in your vines,

how can you be sure they are not
going to pick on a large scale?
These vintage vines
have been entirely harvested

and the surplus has been
deliberately left on the ground.

They're drying out,
lost for everybody.

It's a measure to protect
our profession and capital.

What you see here,
is called second
generation grapes, verjuice,