Lista de espera

A whole day without a single bus.
- And you, where do you go?
- To Santiago.

I go to Havana.
I've been waiting for 2 days.

Look there. There's a bus!
Wait, this is the bus for Havana,
coming from Manzanillo.

I go to see Fernandez, i will return.
Havana... and 7! I have
number 7, I go to Havana.

There are 7 who go down,
and I have number 7.

Be quiet and calm down!
We don't sell anything
as long as we have no instructions.

The National Transports
inform you
that for the rute
Manzanillo - Havana...

one ticket will be sold.
It is for me!
What do you mean, it is for you?
I am the first one.
No, I am.
I never told you that I was going ...
Wait for me here.
It is not like that...
There are 7 places
and I have number 7.

- There's only one place.
- How come?

Listen, I am handicaped.
I don't care.
You don't care?
Start, comrade.
Let me pass, I have a ticket...
Because of you,
you band of selfish and irresponsible

and because of the blind man,
nobody got in.

God will punishe you, madam.
You realize
that we solve nothing by force.