Lista de espera

Get stuffed.
Wendy! Wake up.
Graciela, wake her up.

- We leave.
- What?

The investigators will know
that we had nothing to do whit all this.

What are you talking about?
The enemy is there
and you don't see him.

Don't you see what is happening?
The administrator is
just as irresponsible as they are.

We go, Graciela.
- But where?
- To stop all these.

Stop talking please.
I don't care!
What's the matter with him?
It would be better if he leaves.
- Your daughter is exhausted.
- I don't care.

Hurry up.
We have to stop all this.

But how?
The blind man who tinkers,
the administrator who lets them do this...
If everybody does what he wants...
Up to where will this go?
This has to be stopped!
Come, Wendy.
Shit. Excuse-me, my old man.
I haven't seen you.
Neither have I.
How is she? Describe her to me.
The woman.
There is a woman and you are looking at her.

How do you know it?
The air, the perfume...
How is she?
Very ugly, ... thin
with a big nose.

I am blind but not idiot.