Lista de espera

- She's nice.
- Nice?

Very nice.
This is not a way
of describing a woman.

Tell me if her breasts are like pears,
if her bottom is low or not...
Shit, then.
"I don't suffer for not seeing the twilight"
"or the cupola of Saint-Pierre"
"the sex,"
"the breasts, two beautiful buttocks..." (:)))
"This is my only religion,
my only political idea,"

"the true fatherland of a man."
Where do you get these from?
This is the great Vittorio Gassman,
in Parfum de femme ,

I love the movies about blind men.
Well she is...
She is the one who helped you at the counter.
Hearing you, one would say
that you are trapped.

Really? Do you think so?
Go see her. Talk to her.
Are you afraid? Are you shy?

No, I'm not afraid.
But why should I talk to her?
Do it. It's difficult...
but not impossible.

What do you know?
Blind men have a sixth sense!
Listen. Tomorrow we leave
and I will never see her again.

Would you like to see her?
Me too.
We won't imagine she's extra.
This way, we will not make any illusions.
I will walk around a bit.