Lista de espera

forget it.
One never fished anything, here.
Here there are only dog teeth and broken bottles.
Shit, comrade, what a bad luck!
I am so hungry...

Once, I made null match
with a cashier from "Pio-Pio".

- Do you remember "Pio-Pio"?
- Of course!

I at 6 fried chicken and I drank 12 beers.
- And the pizza!
- The chicken!

No, the pizza with the chorizo.
The smell pf pizza with chorizo, this is killing me.
Look at this, it's killing me.
That's disgusting!
- What a gonzesse!
- Do you think so?

A real guy does not have long hair,
nor earings.

Look, look.
These are grapefruits!
Stop chattering and put yourselves to work.
We will never leave from here.
Search in the water!
What a number, that one!
He interferes everywhere.

I'm too hungry,
I don't see anything anymore,

I don't see anything
and I work.

Dear Sirs, the room is flooded.
I would like to know
who is responsible for that.

He risks having problems.
Even the innocent ones will have to pay.
To pay? All we did was
to repair that trick!

What's the problem?
There's no problem.
You fall well,
there's no plumber here.

So, you see!
We shouldn't behave like that.
Look at this:
a meat can!
It has been just eaten.
It must have been there be for a long time,
there is no son of a bitch here
capable of eating alone...

One moment...
- Miss.
- Thank you.