Lista de espera

They ate him, they ate him!
How is that, they ate him? Who?
- So?
- That was my cat!

You've frightened us!
They ate my cat!
What is he talking about?
Come, come? The little is here.
There were those horrible beasts
and it was afraid.

What beasts are you talking about?
But where have you found these?
Near the bus.
There is a bag filled with animals like that.

But they are all dead.
Thank you, Blessed Virgin!
I knew that you would hear me.

I prayed to God to send us food.
You went a bit too far.
The best is to boil them.
To fry them!
It's better to grill them.
But for that, we need butter.
We can serve them with the carapace.
Yes, a la Thermidor.
That's very expensive.

I was bringing potatoes to my sister-in-law.
Here they are.

I have onions and garlic.
And I have tomato purée.
And there's some rice there.
How about adding some bananas?
We will surely not be hungry anymore.
One will make a mixture
of paella and stew (paella et ragoût).

A ragaella or a paellagoût!
Paellagoût, yak !
The most famous dishes
were invented by need.

I can guarantee
that they are of first category.

They will be excellent.
How's that, the most expensive?
Those, we will call "Terminus".