Michael Jordan to the Max

And for Michael,
the way to develop the mind...

had always been through the heart.
A lot of parents ask me,
"Well, what advice
would you give my kids?"

And my advice would be
let them just enjoy the game.

I think what they have to learn
more about at that young age...

is their love for the game.
And once they've developed that,
then the mental part is easy.

I didn't really get instruction...
until I was a junior in high school.
First, I just loved the game
and I let my skills develop.

So I believe in learning late...
playing early, but learning late.
Michael's love of the game was born...
in his hometown of Wilmington,
North Carolina.

during long afternoons
on the play grounds.

His older brother, Lary,
helped Michael hone his game...

in their epic battles of one-on-one
at their backyard hoop.

But Michael's first hard lesson
would come...

when he tried out for the
varsity team at Laney High.

When I was a sophomore
in high school...

like most high school kids...
you get all the energy and all
the motivation and excitement...

of making your varsity team,
which is a big thing.

Status is a lot
when you're in high school.

So you can imagine
the disappointment that I got...

when I felt like
I should have made the team.

but then didn't make the team.
I'm crying,
I lost my emotions totally.

My mother came to me
and said,"Use that energy...

"to prove to the coach and to your peers
and your classmates...