Michael Jordan to the Max

that they made a mistake."
You give it your best.
You try so hard
and you get to the point,

"I know I can do it"
And if you try one more time,
you are able to achieve it.

It's going
one step farther.

That's not giving up,
it's giving your best.

I only will walk away...
when I know I do not have
anything else to give.

The disappointment
was so deep, like a cut,

it struck the fire in me.
to make sure that I never endure
that type of pain again.

In these condround
of the playoffs...

Michael returned home
with a vengeance.

Playing the Charlotte Hornets,
It would be Michael's last
professional appearance in North Carolina.

It's always been a treat
to come back home...

when you've grown up here and you go out
and become a man on your own.

And then come back home to show
what's evolved of that person.

For fans who had watched him
since his days as a Carolina schoolboy,

what emerged now was not just
the skill but the will power.

Those who remembered
his raw potential...

now saw the results
of a lifetime of hard work.

He would go to J.V.
practice and practice,

and then he'd go to varsity practice.
We'd play ball games,
and after the games were over,

he'd run what we called "suicides"
or line drills...

he'd run those by himself.
I just maveled
at his work habits even then.

With his competitiveness
to go with all that dedication,

you know, it was something to see.
The weakest part of Michael's game
on the offensive end...was his shooting.

So he obviously mastered something...
that everybody said he couldn't
do when he came out of college.