Michael Jordan to the Max

when you wish upon a star
Your dream will take you
very far. yeah

Michael came along
at a time...

when globalization
really was occurring...

and an explosion
in media was occurring.

And he helped drive
that explosion.

Yo, Mike,
what makes you...

the best player
in the universe?

Is it the haircut?
No, Mars.
Is it the shoes?
There have been so many things
that he has popularized.

the shorts, the shoes...
"Must be the shoes."

Money, it's got to be
the shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

I think Michael has transcended
every boundary...

... of gender and race
and age and sport.

I think he's becomes or of
a part of our everyday culture.

Like Mike
if I could be like Mike

I wanna be
I wanna be like Mike

Like Mike
if I could be like Mike

Oh, be like Mike
I've missed more than 9,000
shots in my career...

I think what made him
so specialas a marketing icon...

is that he was natural.
Today, when everyone
really tries to be like Mike,

they're tying so hard
to invent a persona,

I think that people
see through that...

and it doesn't stand
the test of time.

I've failed over and over
and over again in my life,

and that is why I succeed.
Good afternoon, everyone,
and welcome once again ...

to Bulls basketball...
playoff basketball...

as we move to the
Eastern Conference Finals...

the Bulls
and the Indiana Pacers.

These two teams were two and two
in the regular season.

But the rival really begins on
a Sunday afternoon in Chicago...

Miller and Jordan
and a cast of characters...

that is not afraid to win.
There's Michael, slips and falls
down, gets back up into the lane,

hops through, falls,
fires on the rim and it's good!