Michael Jordan to the Max

Last night
we began the show...

with the disappearance
of Michael Jordan's father.

Tonight, the worst fears
have come true.

James Jordan
was found dead...

the victim of an apparent murder.
When my father died,
I had him for 32 years.

I was very lucky.
I looked at it as being lucky,
not as being disappointed
that he wasn't around anymore.

I was lucky that he was there
when I needed him...

that he could infuence
my life to look at situations...

that I use to help make
my decisions to this day.

Some kids never have that.
Sure, I would love
to have him now, but...

people are put
on this earth for a reason,

and you utilize the time
that you're here.

You never know when that's
going to be taken away from you.

That's one thing
he taught me.

But while he's here,
or while they're here,

they should make an impact
on someone's life.

And he made an impact
on my life.

You're going to get it, man.
That's for bringing me
into this world.

After the third championship,
my father kept kind of hinting
towards me playing baseball

"Stop playing basketball.
Why don't you give
your baseball a shot?"

Because that's what he actually
got mestared playing...

when I was six years old...
I played baseball.

And he felt that
I could play baseball...

and do it with the same
conviction and attitude...

that I played basketball.
Everyday, the first person
there before the sun...

would be Jordan.
And he was there
because he wasn't good.

He would work
with a batting instructor...

and work all day long...
and be the last person to leave
every night also.

Strike three!
Money's no Stan Musial.
But he's tring.
Say, hey,
he's no Willie Mays.

But he's tring, man.
What it did teach me was,
don't be afraid to try.