Michael Jordan to the Max

that was so special.
By the hand of the Almighty
We fowered
in this generation

Won't you help to sing
These songs of freedom
'Cause all I ever had...
When Michael came back,
and Jud and I were driving
down to the game,

and I said,"Jud, you know,
does Phil start Michael?

I mean, he hasn't been here for,
you know, 60 games, 65 games."

And Jud looked at me
And he said,

"Steve, as a general rule,
"when you have your own
statue outside the stadium,

you don't
come off the bench."

There'll be other great players,
there's no question about that.

But what he's done
for the game...

I don't think anybody
will touch his greatness.

and that's why everybody's
holding on here in the finish...

to just be apart of...
if this is the last run,

everybody wants to be
a part of it and witness it.

The Bulls had gone
to the finals five times,

and five times they had won.
The fact that this might be
Michael's last chance...

made these finals
the most anticipated ever.

The Jazz had earned
the home cour advantage...

on the strength
of their regular season.

And now,
the world tuned in...

to see if Michael
could beat the odds...

and win one last time.
Right here, right now.
Right here, right now.
Right here, right now.
Right here, right now.
Right here, right now.
Michael circles, spins,
hangs, fires, scores.