Michael Jordan to the Max

Scottie looks.
Dumps it to Michael... M.J.
And turns base line...
Fall away jumper...good!
What a rainbow that was.
Kukoc drops to Michael.
M.J. spins along the base line,
goes up and scores.

And Kukoc looking,
looking, looking.

Luc to Michael. He catches,
two dribbles, spins in, scoops...

and scores!
Another win for the Bulls.
The countdown to the
championship had reached one.

Do you still feel
like you guys are the underdogs?

No, we're in
the driver's seat right now,

and, you know, we
just have to come out...

ready to play
next game,

and, you know,
try to put it away.

Before game five, the
celebration had already begun.

I said, come on
Baby, don't you want to go
Back to that
same old place

Sweet home, Chicago
Can I ask you,
how big does that look on IMAX?

Does look like a gigantic bucket
of popcorn on an IMAX screen?

It's a whole mountain
of it, folks.

All right, baby.
Come on, man.
...all for the heart...
and lay it out
on the basketball court.

When we come out of the court,
we're all celebrating,

and Joe's going to be happy.
Let's go, baby.
Before there was anything
to really celebrate,

Karl Malone and the Jazz
found an answer...

to every move
the Bulls made.