Michael Jordan to the Max

In game five,
the Bulls came up empty,

and Michael walked out of the
United Center for the last time.

Back in Utah for practice
the following day,

the defeat
was already forgotten,

for here was another secret
to the spell Michael had held...

over the rest of the league...
ever since
his first championship.

Even when the Bulls
weren't superior physically,

they had
a philosophicaledge.

I think Phil had a lot to do
with that with his Zen practice.

His whole emotional approach
to a game of basketball.

I've experienced
a lot of different coaches,

but he gave me
the understanding about life...

in a whole different frame.
I think his teaching toward
the understanding of Zen Buddhism is...

how you view yourself...
to deal with the realities
of life surrounding you,

and somehow be able
to correlate that...

to a simple game
as basketball.

This is something that we talked about
a lot as a basketball team,

is about how to be
in the moment.

Being able to visualize what
might happen in those times.

Michael so embraced this,
and I think that was
the beauty of his game,

is that he had all these
abilities to adjust,

not force his own
predetermined idea,

but allow those things
to come together for his game.

I tend to be calm,
things tend to slowdown.

As I go into situations that
people don't know the out come,

I've already
experienced them in my mind...

just playing
tricks with myself.

So it didn't seem new to me and
I wasn't afraid to fail with it.