Michael Jordan to the Max

Once I began
to understand that,

I became a master
of the game of basketball.

Game six in Utah.
for the Bulls, a win would mean
the championship.

For Michael, it would mean
the cementing of his legacy.

Harp looking left,
not there... backdoor lob.

Michael goes up and scores!
The Bulls were still feeling
the effects of game five...

as a bad backgrounded
Scottie Pippen.

Pippen knocked down And he's
struggling to get back up.

Sets a screen. Michael hangs in the air.
His jumper, good.

In Chicago, fans filled
Michael Jordan's restaurant,

and 23,000 of the faithful
filled the United Center.

Back in Utah, Michael
was operating on his own.

The celebrated teamwork
of the Jazz was clicking,

and Karl Malone and John Stockton
took charge of the game.

After a grueling post-season,
the Bulls could no longer match
up with the Jazz man for man.

With a fourth-quarter lead,
the Utah crowd sensed...

victory drawing closer
with every basket.

for the Bulls...
the last man standing clawed
his way back into the game.

Come on, Bulls!
Seven on the shot box,
six, five.

Now Michael's got
to do it himself.

Jordan backing,
backing, pumping,

falling, firing, scores!
And a foul!
Ohh, my!