Michael Jordan to the Max

Still Michael kept coming,
kept shooting,

kept getting to the line,
kept the Bulls in the game.

You can do it!
Four championships in a row!

It was as if everything
he had ever accomplished...

had led Michael
to this one moment.

And in the final minute
of the game,

at the final minute
of his career,

he would need everything
he had learned along the way.

Pippen looking... dump to
Michael near the time line.

M.J. at Russell.
Michael a drive,
and the lay-up is good.

A driving lay-up by Michael...
draws the Bulls
to within one.: 86-85.

And now you got a chance
for a stop here.

Dennis and Karl are going
to get down on the post,

and they're going to do all
their little necessary banging.

I focused on Karl.

Hornacek screens across.
Malone to the post.
While he's
fighting with Dennis,

he basically forgets
where the ball is,

and so I choose this opportune time
to make my steal,

and I came back
to strip the ball away.

Malone stripped by Michael!
To the floor,
stolen by M.J.!

Michael a steal!
Sixteen seconds left.

Bulls down one.
Crowd gets quiet.
The moment starts to become
the moment, you know, for me.

Once you get in the moment,
you know you're there.

And when I saw the moment...
the opportunity to take advantage of it...
I never doubted myself.