Michael Jordan to the Max

and his sixth MVP in the NBA finals.
Michael Jordan!

Michael Jordan's legacy
is authenticity.

if you removed all the hype,
all the marketing,
all the show-time glitz,

he would be as 100% genuine as anybody
who ever played in a gym...

or an armory
anywhere, anytime.

There's never been a player...
that's had that ability
that Michael Jordan's had...

in the kind of way he did it
in this game of basketball.

His legacy is a newborn child
ten years from now...

and a father says,"I wish you
could have seen Michael Jordan."

Thank you.
The dignity and grace...
with which you conduct yourself
off the court...

those are important things,
and I believe
those are enduring things.

You figure there've been,
I don't know, 25,000 years.

I don't know how you do
the math of that,

but that's like out of all 50,000
top athletes...

since, you know,
prehistoric times...

brontosaurus and
pterodactyls included...

he's right there.
Ten years from now,
20 years from now...

what I hear people saying,
or I would want people to say,
and it's simple...

that if Michael Jordan was still
playing the game of basketball,

he would dominate.
Welcome to my world
No matter what happens
in this business of basketball,

If we didn't get paid a dime,
you still would play the game
of basketball somewhere.

Welcome to my world
Somewhere there's a kid working.
He won't skip any steps.
He will learn from my example,
just as I have learned
from others.