Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Movie - Endless Waltz

So finally, we've been
able to attain peace.

Those many precious lives have
become the foundation...

The president doesn't get it.
It's harder to maintain peace
than it is to attain it.

He understands that.
Otherwise, the government...
...wouldn't financially back
us "Preventers".

He's pretty smart for a person
elected democratically.

Sure you can miss the
rest of the ceremony?

Preventers only put
out fires.

These ceremonies don't suit us.
There's a possibility that
the Neo-titanium...

:04:39 from the thirteenth

You mean it's a new
mobile suit model?

I'm using various sources...
:04:45 determine where it's from.
We've gotta put out this fire
while it's still small.

This isn't going to
be quite as simple...

... as our last few missions.
I agree.
As you're aware...
:05:10's been only seven years...
...since Colony L3-X 18999
was completed.

We've invited people from Earth
to come live here...

...but our unstable economy...
:05:19 preventing the population
from growing.

The problem is whether
the citizens understand...

...that they're members of the
Earth Sphere Unified Nation.

One can't expect a stable

...if one's own colony alone
is prospering.

But we've been told
that many citizens here...

...hope for a strong leader
to rise up and guide them.

Someone like yourself,
Vice Foreign Minister Darlian.

That's a shame.
Finally, true peace and
freedom has been attained...

...and yet...