Mua he chieu thang dung

In the old days,
we couldn't touch a man's head.

That noble part of the body...
must not be soiled by our hands.
But men have always liked
and allowed us...

to touch another thing.
So is that thing considered noble?
We must conclude that it isn't
since we're allowed to touch it.

It must be classified
as a disgusting thing.

I don't find it so very disgusting.
On the contrary.

What do you mean?
Oh, well, you could call it
a culinary fantasy.

Listen. I always thought that
fried with a little garlic...

it must have an amazing texture--
both tender and crunchy.
It's not easy to talk
about a photo point-blank.

I'd accept that excuse from anyone,
but not from a writer.

- Words are your business.
- You exaggerate.

Are you open, Quôc?
Oh, hello, Kiên.

Come in, Toán.
- Liên will make you a coffee.
- No, I just came to say hello.

So, Kiên, when is
your first novel coming out?

Oh, there's no hurry.
I'm working on it.

But it's going well?
In fact, I'm nearly finished.
There's little left to write,
but I'm blocked.

It's about an encounter.
Usually, that happens at
the beginning or in the middle.