Naked States

From artistic angle
for human body go on

He has innovation
consciousness very much

It is a artist
who has pursue very

Have gone to all
American states and othe

Hard work will be him
Before me see this guest
squeeze in shoot

This red skin Er,
head of a department

At last a outstanding artist
His opinion is different
People actually also
hope character freed

Pursue a kind of relaxed
comfortable free

This guest squeezes
in to expose

Think of our this
time outskirt action

It is also to compare
large scale once to

Therefore we have also
made all ample

Organize people naked
body various campai

Such scene is still
first time here

But this can exercise
our health of body

It is even also a kind
of very beneficial

So long as our all
participate in activel

This does not be a bad thing
Somebody tells me
to say that I have to

Otherwise my self can
very not comfortabl

Actually, husband will
also develop simil

The ideological viewpoint
of people chang

I approve very much
to develop such campa

Feel this is just human
innate quality

Is the art of
human body refined

Everything can
be very good

Actually, our all
feel that is very happy