Nurse Betty

- Oh! Pretty.
- Yeah, I got this apartment with a guy.

Oh, the guy you were telling me about?
Oh, no. This one was worse.
I had to have the place sprayed
when he left. Twice.

He was... two before the last one,
not counting a little office thing in there...

...which I'm trusting you with
because if it gets out...

...I'm on the street, know what I'm sayin'?
Oh! Oh, wow!
This is nice!
Oh, I love the aquarium.
Yeah, well,
at least fish don't pee on the seat.

Just once, I wish I'd run into a guy
who would notice them before my tits!

- Come on, I will show you to your room.
- OK.

No, no, no! We'll... we'll find her.