O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Clearly, seeing the future
falls into that category.

It's not so surprising, then,
that one lacking earthly vision...

He said we wouldn't get
the treasure we seek,

on account of our obstacles.
What the hell
does an ignorant old man know?

Jesus, Pete. I told you
I buried it myself.

If your cousin still has this farm
and shoein' impedimenta
to restore liberty of movement...

(Shotgun blast)
Hold it right there!
- (Gasps)
- You men from the bank?

(Pete) You Wash's boy?
Yes, sir. Daddy told me to shoot
who's ever from the bank.

We ain't from the bank, young fella.
Yes, sir. I'm supposed to shoot folks
servin' papers.

- We ain't got no papers, neither.
- I nicked the census man.

(Delmar) Now, there's a good boy.
Is...is your daddy about?
(Chains rattling)
Hello, Pete.
Who are your friends?
Pleased to make
your acquaintance, Mr Hogwallop.

- My name's Ulysses Everett McGill...
- I'm Delmar O'Donnel.

How you been, Wash?
Been what, 12, 13 years?
Yeah... (Sniffs)
I expect you want
them chains knocked off.

(Wash) They foreclosed
on cousin Bishop.

He hanged hisself a year come May.
(Pete) And Uncle Radcliffe?
(Wash) The anthrax
took most of his cows.

The rest don't milk.
He lost a boy to mumps.
Where's Cora, Cousin Wash?
Couldn't say. (Sniffs)
Mrs Hogwallop up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T.
She must have been
lookin' for answers.

Possibly. Good riddance,
as far as I'm concerned.