O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The preacher done washed away
all my sins and transgressions.

It's the straight and narrow
from here on out.

And heaven everlasting's
my reward.

Delmar, what are you on about?
We got bigger fish to fry.

The preacher said
all my sins is washed away,

including that Piggly Wiggly
I knocked over in Yazoo.

You said you was innocent of that.
Well, I was lyin'.
And the preacher said that
that sin's been washed away, too.

Neither God nor man's
got nothin' on me now.

Come on in, boys.
The water is fine.

(Man) Come on, boy.
There, boy. Good doggy.

(Dog sniffing)
All right, boys, we got the scent.
- The preacher said it absolved us.
- For Him, not for the law.

I gave you credit for
more brains than Delmar.

- But witnesses seen us redeemed.
- That's not the issue, Delmar.

Even square with the Lord,
Mississippi's hard-nosed.

You shoulda joined us, Everett.
It couldn'a hurt none.

Hell, it woulda washed away
the stink of that pomade.

Joining you fools in superstition?
Thank you, anyway.

And I like the smell of my hair,
the pleasin' odour's half the point.

You two are
dumber than a bag of hammers.

You're my cross to bear.
Pull over, Everett. Let's give
that coloured boy a lift.

You folks going past Tishomingo?
Sure, hop in.
How you doin', son? Name's Everett.
These two soggy sons of bitches
are Pete and Delmar.

Keep your fingers away from Pete's
mouth, he ain't eaten for 13 years,

'cept prison food and greasy horse.
Thanks for the lift, sir.
My name's Tommy. Tommy Johnson.