O Brother, Where Art Thou?

# Say you had money
# You better be sure
# These hard times will drive you
# From door to door
# Uh-hmm
# Mm-hmm
# Uh-hmm, mm-hmm... #
Let's bed down here for the night.
Yeah, it stinks in that old barn.
Suits me.
Pretty soon it'll be nothin' but
featherbeds and silk sheets.

(Tommy) # Mm-hm... #
A million dollars.
Million point two.
(Delmar) 500,000 each.
(Everett) 400, Delmar.

Pete, what are you gonna do
with your share of the treasure?

Go out west somewhere.
Open a fine restaurant.
I'm gonna be the maitre d'.
Greet all the swells.
Go to work every day
in a bow tie,

And all the staff
say "yes, sir" and...

"no, sir..."
and "in a jiffy, Pete."
And all my meals for free.
What about you, Delmar,
what are you gonna do
with your share of that dough?

I'm gonna visit them
foreclosin' son of a guns

down at the Indianola
Savings and Loan.

Slap that money on the barrel head
and buy back the family farm.

You ain't no kind of man
if you ain't got land.

(Pete) What about you, Everett?
What you have in mind
when you stole it in the first place?

Ahem. I...didn't have no plan.