O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Well, that hardly sounds like you.
(Lawman) All right, boys!
It's the authorities!

Your situation
is purty nigh hopeless!

Damn, they found our car.
(Lawman) We ain't got the time
and nary the inclination

to chat with you boys any further.
Damn, we got to skedaddle.
I left my pomade in the car.
Maybe I can creep up.

Don't be a fool, Everett.
We got to R-U-N-N-O-F-T.

(Everett) Where's Tommy?
Already lit out,
scared out of his wits.

Let's go!
Well, hell, it ain't square one.
Ain't no one gonna pick up three
filthy, unshaved hitchhikers.

And one of them a know-it-all
who can't keep his trap shut.

The rancour reflected in that remark
I won't dignify with comment.

But I'll address your general
attitude of hopeless negativism.

Consider the lilies
of the goddam field.

Or, hell, look at Delmar
as your paradigm of hope.

Yeah. Look at me.
You may call it unreasoning optimism,
you may call it obtuse,

but the plain and simple fact
is we got close to...

three days before they...
(Car approaching)
(Everett) ..dam that river.
Is this the road to Itta Bena?
Uh...Itta Bena?
(Everett) Itta Bena?
Stay on this here road.

(Pete) That ain't right,
I was thinking of, uh...

- Take this road.
- Nah, that ain't right.

(Pete) Seems to me there's a road...