O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Ha ha ha ha!
Come and get me, coppers!
You flatfooted, lame-brained,
soft-ass sons of bitches!

Ah ha ha ha ha! No one can catch me!
I'm George Nelson!

I'm bigger than any John,
live or limp!

(George) I'm ten an' a half
feet tall!

Cows. I hate cows worse than coppers!
Oh, George... Not the livestock.
Come on, you miserable salaried
sons of bitches! Come and get me!

(Tyres squeal)
(Horn honks and tyres squeal)
Come on, boys,
we're going for the record.

Three banks in two hours!
(Laughing maniacally)
OK, folks, hold the applause
and drop your drawers!

I'm George Nelson, and I'm here
to sack the city Itta Bena!

He's a live wire, though, ain't he?
All the money in a bag.
What are you lookin' at, grandpa?

Pardon me, George,
you got a plan for escapin'?

Sure, boys.
Here's my plan. Ha ha ha ha!
They ain't never seen
ordnance like this!

Thank you, folks.
And remember, Jesus saves,
but George Nelson withdraws!

Go fix the auto voiture, Pete.
(Whispering) Is it Babyface Nelson?
Who said that?
What ignorant, low-down, slanderisin'
son of a bitch said that?!
My name is George Nelson, get me?!
She didn't mean nothin'
by it, George.

George Nelson! Not Babyface!
You remember!
And you tell your friends!