O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I'm George Nelson.
Born to raise hell.
Well, that was some fun,
now, wasn't it, George?

Almost makes me wish
I hadn'ta been saved.

Jacking up banks.
I can see how a fella'd
derive a whole lot of pleasure

and satisfaction out of it.
- It's OK.
- (Delmar) Hoo, dawgies!

I'm takin' off.
You boys might as well keep my...
share of the riches.

(Delmar) Well, where
are you going, George?

I don't know. Who cares?
(Owl hooting)
Now, what do you suppose
is eatin' George?

Well, they say that with
the thrill-seeking personality,

what goes up must come down.
Top of the world one minute,
sad the next.

Yes, sir, it's as if
our old friend George is a alley cat

and his own damn humours
are swingin' him by the tail.

I wouldn't worry, Delmar.
He'll be back on top again.

I don't think we've seen
the last of George Nelson.

(# "Keep on the Sunny Side"
playing in distance)

(Man through megaphone)
'Don't be saps for Pappy.

'Homer Stokes for governor.