O Brother, Where Art Thou?

'Let's sweep this state clean.
Vote for Stokes, brother.'

# ..meet with the darkness
and strive

# The sunny side you also may view
# Keep on the sunny side
# Always on the sunny side
Aw, shh shh. Hang on!
I'm gonna slap one on here.

Folks, here's
my cousin Ezra's niece,

Eudora from out of Greenwood,
doin' a little number
with her cousin Tom-Tom,

which I predict you
gonna enjoy thoroughly.

Now, what can I do you for,
Mr French?

How can I lay a hold
of them Soggy Bottom Boys?

Soggy Bottom.
I don't precisely recollect them.

They cut a record a few days ago,
an old-timey harmony thing,

with a guitar accomp...accomp...
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I remember them.

Coloured fellas, I believe.
Yes, sir, they a fine bunch of boys.
They sang into yonder can,
then skedaddled.

Well, that record is just
goin' through the goddam roof.

- They playin' it far away as Mobile.
- No.

Whole damn state's goin' apey.
Well, it was a powerful air.
Hot damn, we gotta find them boys
and sign 'em to a fat contract.

Hell's bells, Mr Lund, if we don't,
the goddam competition will.

Oh, mercy, yes, we got
to beat that competition.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

# Fly away
# Like a bird,
from these prison walls I'll fly

# I'll fly away, fly away
# I'll fly away, fly away, o glory
# I'll fly away, fly away
# In the mornin'
# When I die,
hallelujah by and by

# I'll fly away, fly away
# Just a few more weary days
and then

# I'll fly away, fly away