O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I got news. In case you hadn't
noticed, I wasn't hit by a train,

and I have travelled
many a weary mile

to be back with my wife
and my six daughters.

- Seven, Daddy!
- That ain't your daddy, Alvanelle.

Your daddy was hit by a train.
Penny, you stop that!
You stop it! Vernon here's got a job.
Vernon's got prospects.
He's bona fide. What are you?

I'll tell you what I am...
I'm the pater familias,
and you can't marry him!

I can, I am and I will, tomorrow.
I gotta think about the Wharvey gals.
They look to me for answers.
Vernon can buy 'em
lessons on the clarinet.

The only good thing you
ever did was get hit by that train!

Well, you lying, unconstant succubus.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You can't swear at my fiancee!

Oh, yeah?
Well, you can't marry my wife!

(Baby crying)
(Scuffling and crashing)
Who is that man?
He's not my husband.
Just a drifter, I guess.
Just some no-account drifter.

And stay out of the Woolsworth!
(Movie) 'I'll bet she does
imitations, too.'

Deceitful, two-faced she-wolf.

Never trust a female, Delmar.
Remember that precept and your time
with me won't have been ill-spent.

- OK, Everett.
- "Hit by a train."

Truth means nothing to a woman,

Triumph of the subjective.
You ever been with a woman?

Well, I've...
I got to get the family farm back

before I can start
thinking about that.