Last time, I let you live,
but not now.

Don't move!
That's good.
It's very good, Roy.
There's a good chance
we're not getting out of here alive,

so why don't you give me one reason
why I don't kill you right now?

'Cause. . .

you got a job to do.
The engines are dead.
Brickman was right,
the reactor is unstable.

We've got 25 minutes before
the Roosevelt explodes.

Hey, come on,
let's get him out of here.

Welcome home, guys.
Rough day at the office?

Oh, you know, copier jammed,
killer sea monsters, the usual.

Oh, I wish!
This thing is a third
or fourth cycle mutation

of what was once
probably an octopus.

Listen, I broke down the water sample
from inside the Russian sub.

It contains a crude pathogen form
called tricophazine microtoxin.

Okay? Fancy name
for the anthrax virus.

- Biological warfare.
- U h-huh.

This stuff is a synthetic hybrid.
Very powerful.

That explains the entire cover up.
If Kennedy had known,
he would have launched.

The bacteria must have affected
this thing's ancestors

and the mutation has compounded
over each generation.

Well, that explains
the incredible good looks

and good nature
of our little friend.

( laughing )
And as far as I can tell,
this thing also suffers
from an extreme iron deficiency. . .

Hence the overaggressive

Now, it's not just a mutant,
but it's anemic?

Yeah, considering its size,
are you kidding?

This thing's craving for meat
would scare a cow out of its skin.

White meat or dark meat?
lf this creature needs meat,