Ordinary Decent Criminal

Certainly, my Lord.
Almost two years ago
on the nineteenth of February

the defendant, Michael Lynch
and an unknown associate

entered the premises of Superex
a video game company.

They were armed and dangerous.
They threatened the life
of a member of staff

and stole over
thirty-two thousand pounds in cash.

Listen, Michael...
See this?
Can I hang it up in our room?
What do you want
a holy picture for?

It's not a holy picture,
it's a Caravaggio.

He's about as holy as you are.
Well, it looks like
a holy picture to me.

Can I hang it up, or can't I?
Of course.
And you wont' be
slagging me about it?

I promise.
Can I go to the toilet, da?
Of course.
Do you get the feeling
I don't believe you, Tom?

Please, Michael... please!
I swear...

I mean, even if it is true,
these old ones

got their car door
ripped off by a passing Land Rover

and then left it abandoned
on the side of the road.

I searched, Michael.
I drove up and down.

I found the car and I even
put a new door on it an' all.

I fucked up, you know,
and I was, I was afraid.

So you don't think
I'm a fair man then, Tom?

No, it's not, it's not that,
Michael, it's...

Please, Michael...
I'm sorry, please.

What did you do with the gold?
Oh, God...
I did nothing!
I never got it, I never!
It's gone. You have to believe me.
But you ran away, Tom.
Only scumbags run away.
You can't trust someone
who does that, can you?

I mean, would you trust them, Tom?
Would you?

No, no, I wouldn't.