Plata quemada

They called them The Twins.
They were always together.

But they weren't brothers.
They didn't even look alike.

All they had in common
was the way of looking,

the still eyes,
the lost glare.

El Nene was a renegade
of family and class,

the stray black sheep.
He was pale
as if he'd been in jail
longer than he had really been.

Angel wasn't even from here.
He was heavy, quiet,
very superstitious.

He always saw bad signs
that got in his way.
They bumped into each other
the first time

in the station toilets where
Nene used to go for sex.

Angel was wandering.
He'd run out of money
and had nowhere to go.

Nene offered him refuge
in his flat.

Moved, almost as a warning,
Angel confessed his secret.