Remember the Titans

My daddy
coached in Alexandria.

He worked so hard,
my mama left him,

but I stayed with Coach.
He needed me on that field.
Up until 1971
in Alexandria,

there was no race mixing.
Then the school board
forced us to integrate.

They combined the white school
and the black school into one

T. C. Williams High School.

Murderer! Murderer!
hat summer
a black teenager was killed

by a white store owner,
and the city was
on the verge of exploding.

!! Well, my mind
is goin' through some changes!!

You've caused
enough damage!

- This is my store!
- Back off.

Blue left!
Blue left! Left!

Come on, Kurt, don't let Ray
back you down like that!

You're twice his size!
What are they doing?

If they keep playing like that,
we'll lose every game!

I didn't think
that was so bad.

!!She had to run!!
Looks good, Gerry.
I can see you been working.

Thanks a lot, Coach.

Listen, with the schools
integrating and all,

some of the guys are
worried about losing

their starting

Well, that's something we're
just gonna have to figure out,

but you don't worry
about that now.

You just keep at it.
All right?

Yes, Coach.
Hey, guys! Guys!
It's comin' down!
It's comin' down
at the store!

They want to burn
the place up

'cause that colored kid
got shot.

Come on, man,
let's go.

Hey. Hey!
You just get Sheryl
to the school now, Herb.

Get in the truck.
Gerry, Alan, Ray,
if you ever want
to play for me again,

get in the truck now.