Remember the Titans

All right, man, listen.
I'm Gerry, you're Julius.

Let's get some particulars
and just get this
over with, all right?

- Particulars?
- Yeah.

No matter what I tell you,
you ain't never gonna know
nothing about me.

Listen, I ain't runnin'
any more of these 3-a-days.

What I got to say,
you really don't want to hear

'cause honesty ain't too high
on your people's priority list.

You want honesty?

All right, honestly,
I think you're nothing.

but a pure waste

of God-given talent.
You don't listen
to nobody, man.

Not even Doc or Boone!
Shiver push on the line
every time, man.

You blow right past 'em!
Push 'em!
Pull 'em! Do something!

You can't run over
everybody in this league,

and every time you do, you
leave one of your teammates

hanging out to dry--
me in particular!

Why should I give a hoot
about you, huh?

Or anybody else out there?
You want to talk about a waste,
you the captain?

- Captain's supposed to be
the leader, right?

You got a job? You
been doing your job?

I've been doing my job.
Then why don't you tell
your white buddies

to block for Rev better?
'Cause they have not blocked

for him worth a plugged nickel,
and you know it!

Nobody plays!
Your self included!

I'm supposed to wear
my self out for the team?

What team?!
No. No, what
I'm gonna do is,

I'm gonna look out
for myself,

and I'm gonna get mine.
See, man?
That's the worst attitude
I ever heard.

Attitude refects
leadership, Captain.

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

Wake up, gentlemen,
it's late.

It's 3A.M. In the morning.
All right, listen up.
You will follow Doc, myself,
and the other coaches,

we're gonna take a little
run through the woods.

If you get lost
along the way,

don't bother
coming back to camp.