Remember the Titans

can hear you, baby.

I think they all heard
you fumble, man.

First of all, the hand.
Second of all, who won the game?

My dad is--
Don't worry about it.
It's not your fault.

They--they like
to show off,

and that's what they do.
Wait, wait, wait.

Yeah. What?
I heard you say ''they.''
Yeah, they. Them.
Them over there.

But what you mean by ''they''--
you talking about Pete--

ou're you,
and they are them.

Hey, Gerry.
Hop in, buddy.

We're heading over
to the hill, Gerry.

gonna be there.

Why don't you hang out
down here with us?

We're, you know.
What are you trying
to do, Gerry?

Listen, when
something unexpected comes,

you just got to pick it up
and run with it.

I'm not running in the same
direction as you are, Gerry.

Come with us.
Look, standing up
for what you believe in,

it's all well and good,

you got your priorities
real mixed up this time.

Are you comin'
or not, man?

!! The way you stole my heart!!
!! You know, you could have
been a cool crook!!

!!And, baby,
you're so smart!!

!! You know, you could have
been a schoolbook!!

Petey Jones.
Come on, man.
No, man.
What, man? It's on me, man.
We party on. Let's go.

Look--look here, man,
all right?

This here's Virginia.
All right?

They got problems with,
you know--

They don't want us
in there, man.

Oh, man, that's history, bro.
It's on me. Come on.

Woman::!! So lonely!!
!! Without you!!
!!But our love!!
We're full tonight, boys.
What? There's tables
all over the place, man.

What are you
talking about?

Well, this is
my establishment.

I reserve the right
to refuse service to anybody.

Yeah, that means
you, too, hippie boy.

Now, y'all want
somethin' to eat,

you can take these boys
out back

and pick it up
from the kitchen.

What'd I tell you,