Remember the Titans

I guess we won't be seeing
much of him, huh?

I will.
He's on the deacon
board with me.

All right,
listen, about Petey...

no thanks required,

You challenged
my authority

in front of the entire
football team, Coach.

Now, you think you're
doing these boys a favor

taking them aside every time
I come down on them,

protecting them
from big bad Boone.

You're cutting my legs
from under me.

Some of the boys
just don't respond well

to public criticism.
I tell them
what they need to know,

but I don't
humiliate them

in front of the team.
Which boys are you
talking about?

Which ones
you talking about?

I come down on Bertier.
I don't see you coddle him.

Come down on Sunshine.
Don't see you grab his hand,
take him off to the side.

Which boys
are you talking about?

Now, I may be a mean cuss,
but I'm the same
mean cuss

with everybody out there
on that football field.

The world
don't give a damn

about how sensitive
these kids are--

the young black kids.

You ain't doing
these kids a favor

by patronizing them.
You're crippling them.
You're crippling them
for life.

what are you doing?

I'm going down
to the Berg.

The Berg?
What are you doing
at the Berg?

I'm going to play
basketball with Julius.

Then we're going to
comeback here for dinner.

Gerry, if your father
was still alive--

Ma, would--
Just give him a chance.
Just get to know him.

Listen to him
for 2 seconds.

I don't want
to get to know him.

You are coming to church
with your mother.

Right, right, right!
He's mine!