Requiem for a Dream

You know you'll get the set back
in a couple of hours.

Why you gotta make me
feel so guilty, Ma?!

Jesus! What are you doing?
Trying to get me to break
my own mother's set? Or radiator?

And maybe blow up the house?
Your own flesh and blood! Is that
what you're trying to do? Your son?

Why you play games with my head,
for Christ's sake?

Harold, I wouldn't do that.
The chain isn't for you.
It's for the robbers.

Then why won't you come out?
See what I mean?
See how you always upset me, Ma?

Christ's sake.
Come on out. Please, Ma?
Ah, screw it!
This isn't happening.
And if it should be happening,
it would be all right.

So don't worry, Seymour.
It'll all work out.

You'll see already.
In the end, it's all nice.

Shit, man. That motherfucker's
starting to look a little seedy.

You particular all of a sudden?
I don't care,
just as long as we get our bread.

Just give me a hand, Tyrone.
look at that.