Saving Grace

I avoid confrontation.
Iknow it.

But if you grew up
in Glasgow in the 1 970s.

you'd avoid it, too.
I want an easy llfe.

I want to grow
some vegetables.

smoke some reefer,
sing some carols at Christmas.

and whoknows?
One day I 'd like to be a dad

and raise a couple of calm
fucking children.

but that's it.
I 've fucking had enough.

I'm going.
No more “Mr. Cuddly toy. “

I'm not hanging around to be
a whipping boy for “Ganja Grace”

and “Captain N icky, “
the fucking lobster queen !

I'm fuckin' gone,
I'm gone, I'm gone.

I'm fucking out of here.
But see, before I go,

I'm gonna see
both of these women

and give them both
a piece of my mind.

Are you done?
Good shot.