Scream 3

The sky was dark this morning
Not a bird in a tree
Is this a wrap party
or is this a wrap party?

Scene 34.
"Maureen's Murder Flashback."

- I never liked that scene.
- That's 'cause you weren't in it.

Scenes 40 through 47.
- "The Prescott House Flashbacks."
- Tom, stop it.

You're scaring me.
Two people are dead.

Scaring you?
Give the sweet,
young ingenue act a rest.

- You're drunk.
- I'm coping.

I bet she fought and clawed
for that Sidney part.

I bet she stepped on any poor girl
that got in her way.

- So you asked her out and she said no?
- That has nothing to do with it.

Come on, Dewey.

Scene 50.
"Dewey Saves the Day."
She's so focused on success
that she never thinks...

about who she's hurting
to get it.

And you saved her life, like,
how many times?

Gale wants the whole world
to love her.

One person's never enough.
She's a dreamer.

-No, she's a narcissistic, psycho bitch.
-No, she's not.

She's got a good heart.
She does.

She just hides it away because
she thinks people see that as weak.